Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Carcosa (again), and Awesome Week Plans

I know that Eric already mentioned this when he mentioned how I mentioned it, but that I didn’t mention it late enough, so he mentioned it plus mentioning the fact that I mentioned a different thing that I did done mention, butttt, Signs of Carcosa! (Half way through that sentence I just kind of wanted to see how many times I could use the word ‘mention’)

Tomorrow the adapter comes and we get to watch Infinity War. Friday Signs of Carcosa comes and we get to stare at it until Saturday, plus we get to play more Splatoon 2 (hopefully). And Saturday we get to play Pandemic and Eldritch Horror. I’m excited. I don’t know if the way I phrased any of that made it seem that way, but, yeah.

I have two finals next week. I’m definitely not excited for that.

I’ll make sure to report tomorrow on adapter stuff and Infinity War.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Adapters, Pandemics, Horrors, Legacies, Monies

(The word 'monies' looks so weird)

Welp, I bought another ethernet adapter that will be arriving in a couple days. I really hope this one works. The other one didn’t have a return policy and since it didn’t work that kind of sucked. I know this one will connect to the Switch (the other one didn’t at all), but the question is if it will increase the NAT type. I really really hope it does.

We got Pandemic Legacy: Season 2, as Eric mentioned in his post. I’m excited. I’m excited for Saturday. I just wish that I had more money to get more games. Specifically Eldritch Horror expansions. For some reason that game has been giving me a kick as of recently, and I want to play it more with some new content. (So, the story goes: Eric and I have played 7 or so games of Eldritch as of the past week or so. We’ve lost all but one of them. Yep. We’re apparently trash at that game.)
Speaking of Eldritch Horror giving me a kick recently, I need to update my board game list soon. Normally I’ve been updating lists on the same day that I post something (and I may or may not do that today with the board game list), but I should probably just start doing them on off days too to make it simpler on myself.

I want to play all the legacy games. Gloomhaven is a legacy game? I didn’t know that until the other day. Risk Legacy, Charterstone, Gloomhaven, maybe even replay Pandemic Season 1 or SeaFall.
In order to do that, money is required. (and other things, such as people to play with, but) Which means I want a job. I’m way too busy to get one now, but right as summer starts I’ll get one.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

A Deep Breath Except Not Really

I've tried writing something, but I didn't like it any of the times, but basically: I thought I would get to relax, but nope. I still have tons of homework and such.

Isle of Dogs was super amazing, so that's good.

Finally watched Cars 3 on Netflix. It was pretty decent.
Also finally watched Kubo and the Two Strings. It was amazing.

I seriously felt like I had tons more to talk about, but I kind of kept those two things that I was going to talk about super brief, so I don't really have tons more to talk about.

Oh, I could mention that the theory dates for the end of the twenty one pilots hiatus were incorrect, so who knows how long we'll have to wait before we get it. I feel like I want it so much to the point where I have no idea how I'll react when it actually happens. It's kind of like I don't think it will every happen anymore which means that when it does I'll probably freak out whole bunches.

Basically this post comes down to: AAAHH, school

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Scout Camp Report pt. 2

So, I didn't have time to finish (or even start) that blog post. I didn't even have time to check if I could play Splatoon 2. It was a busy week at Skills. As I said previously, I'll make a post about it sometime in the near future.

Anyway, 2nd major part of Scout Camp:

Golden Free Trapper:
The previous year I got the Free Trapper, which means that this year I could get the Golden Free Trapper. The Golden Free Trapper is quite a bit more difficult. It has several requirements, just like the Free Trapper.
(Let's see if I can remember them all)
1. Earn Free Trapper in a previous year. I did so.
2. Learn and make some char cloth. This one was pretty simple. I just showed up to a class type thing. Chandler (a super chill dude who earned the Golden Free Trapper with me) also showed up. We learned and did so. It involves cloth and a can with a small hole. You put it in the fire for a long period of time and I might be missing a couple steps in between, but magic happens and you get char cloth. *party popper emoji*
3. Start 3 out of 5 (it might have been 4, but 5 sounds more correct) fires with flint and steel in under 30 seconds each. I'll try to explain out in case that didn't make sense: Each time you try the challenge (which you can do as much as you want), you get 5 attempts. During 3 (or more) of those 5 attempts you must start a fire with the flint and steel (and char cloth. Char cloth is incredibly useful for starting fires) in under 30 seconds. That probably makes sense. This took a while, but once you try it enough you eventually get it without too much difficulty (well, for a person who has had experience with it. It's obviously really difficult if you haven't done it a lot).
The two hardest ones:
4. Stick 25 tomahawks in a row
5. Either split a bullet on an ax head, or split a card with a bullet (I chose to split the bullet on the ax head)
I couldn't get these for the life of me. It was the last day to do these two things, and I was struggling. I had all but given up. Chandler and I were up at the rifle range trying (and failing) again and again at trying to split the bullet. Eventually I decided I would go down and try my hand at tomahawks.
The previous day I had gotten around 21 or so, but couldn't quite get up to the 25 necessary. This time the person manning the tomahawk range told me to just not count at all. Forget about what number I was at entirely. Just keep throwing the tomahawks. He would count for me and tell me when I had hit 25. Once I started doing that, I quickly got 25.
I ran all the way back up to the rifle range. Chandler was still there trying to split the bullet. We celebrated my victory over the tomahawks (he had accomplished it the previous day). It was a guy's turn, then a girl's turn, then my turn, then Chandler's turn, then another random guy's turn. The first guy shot and split the bullet. Everyone was cheering. (Clarification note real quick: Chandler and I were the only youth (well, technically Chandler was an adult at age 18, but), the rest there were adults trying to split the bullet for fun). He said he figured out the secret. You had to shoot slightly to the right of the ax head. Just a smidgen. The girl went up. Split the bullet. I go up. Split the bullet. Chandler goes up. Splits the bullet. The guy after him also split the bullet. Everyone was cheering whole bunches. 5 of us split a bullet right in a row and it was crazy awesome.
Later on in the day during the Seneca Run, I missed the target at the rifle range, like I mentioned. It was at least 10x-15x times thicker than the ax head, so that was ironic that I could hit an ax head, but later missed the much bigger target.

Anyway, yeah, that was the other major thing that happened at Scout Camp. Didn't have enough time this year to get on the archery board thingy like last year, but that's okay.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

twenty one pilots's capitalization

So, just a short post that I'm scheduling, so that way you have more content while I'm away. I guess. Not that it really matters because it's not like a youtube channel where consistent posts are, like, abnormally important. But, yay!! Posts!

So, I think that the capitalization of twenty one pilots might be era based. During Vessel, it was basically always with no caps (the way I do it). During Blurryface, people seem to capitalize it if they want to and it doesn't really matter, no one really calls anyone out or anything. I wonder if it will matter during the next era.

Aka: The capitalization doesn't really matter, but it still may be slightly more correct to not capitalize (so I'm going to continue doing that plus it's basically habit at this point), but if you prefer to capitalize it, that's perfectly acceptable.

I think.

Yep. (I continue to have great endings, I know)