Sunday, September 10, 2017

What I was going to entitle this reminds me of this one thing

I kind of forget what specifically that one thing was, though.
Wait... I'm pretty sure I remember it's origin now, but it might be from something else, idk. I was going to entitle this post 'Motivation' although it doesn't necessarily have much to do with the post itself. It was actually only going to be this small beginning part in which I mention that I feel motivated to write more for reasons. Yep, that was going to be the extent of how much I talk about Motivation. Felt kind of Clickbaity. Even though I don't really need a quote on quote 'clickbaity' title because the people who are going to read this/the people I want to read this are already going to do so (I mean, I guess I technically might want some random people that are currently in my head to read it as well, but the concept still applies). So there's no need to put a semi-'clickbaity' title.

The one thing that it reminded me of was an anime, I forget which one, which all it's titles for the episodes were just a one or two word thing like "Forgetfulness", "Death", "Understanding" or something like that.
Now that I think about it also reminds me of some vlogbrothers's episodes. One was entitled "On ____" (they filled in the blank, I just didn't because I don't remember exactly what it was (tbh, it might have been "On Motivation")).
The title I chose also has a clickbaity feel to it. What's 'the one thing'??? Guess I'll have to read it and find out! Idk.


That wasn't really the point of the post. The point of the post wasn't to talk about the title, believe it or not. I kind of just started rambling, which is fine. Adds stuff to the post. Adds meat. Having random words that deal with nothing is good, I guess.
The original point was to start of by saying that I feel motivated to write more for reasons, and then go on to ramble about stuff. Because when I don't really know what to write, I like to just write whatever comes to mind.
I basically already fulfilled my goal of talking briefly about motivation, and then rambling, but I could probably ramble some more.

You see, but then you don't know what to ramble about. So then you just end up rambling about not knowing what to ramble about. Which sometimes leads to something. Not really sure if it will this time since I don't have the next sentence planned out as I write this. Although I did just think of this one: Yes, I write the previous sentence and think about the next one as I write. I'm assuming that's semi-typical. Never really thought about it not being normal... soooo...
I'll probably do more rambly type posts in the future. Or more concise thoughts that are quick. Mix it up a little, idk, I'll figure it out later (figuring stuff out later seems to be a pretty consistent theme in my life).

Also, the more I look at my twenty one pilots list I keep asking myself "How the heck did you do that??". Because I feel like the way the list is set up and maintained makes it flawed in some way, idk. I have some basic theories about the idea.
I seem to be saying "idk" a lot lately and it's annoying me.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

School Update

Well my plan of how to tackle the school year has gone well thus far. If you don't know my schedule (I don't remember if I've stated it in the past) it's: 1. AP Stats 2. AP Calculus 3. US History (I dropped APUSH) 4. Video Production III 5. Honors English III 6-7. AP Physics.
Anyway, the basic plan was to be really good at math (therefore doing well in Stats, Calc, and Physics) and then survive the rest of the classes. It's worked so far with me acing the past test in Stats and Calc and allegedly doing well on the test in Physics (but we haven't gotten the scores for the last one, so I'm not sure).
My lowest grade is actually in US History with an 85 or something like that. That class sucks. I should turn in more work. You can basically turn in work however late you want so it's decently hard to get motivated, but I'll turn it in on Tuesday (no school Monday), so hopefully the grade will go up to an A.
English has projects coming up that I don't like.
Yep, that's that.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Responsibility? Well, kind of

I don't really know what to call it, but it's the fact that things are actually moving along in my life. Got a job (although I don't know when I'll start working or anything). Important Tennis season coming up, gotta get good. Need to continue working on my Eagle Scout, almost there. Driver's test coming up on the 30th. Am finishing up with additional math learning, this way I'll be able to take AP Calc next year.
It feels like things are actually coming together, which is weird.
I'm sure that will change when the new school year starts, so I don't have that much time to enjoy this feeling of things working together.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

twenty one pilots list

More music related (specifically twenty one pilots) blog posts. Yay! Just what you always wanted, I'm sure.
Replacing the Brandon Sanderson characters list with this one. I'll still keep the characters list in some form some where, just not on my blog. I'll tell you if any changes happen to it. Since it changes so infrequently, it's the first list to get replaced. And the one I'm replacing it with is going to be changing very frequently. I could have organized it more, but I decided to just publish it as is and do some (decently) major updates while it's live.
Anyway, as you can tell from the title and the new list off to the side, this list ranks every single song by twenty one pilots. If you remember back one year ago I ranked all their songs. But those were in gigantic categories. I think I said the next time I would make one, I would mostly get rid of those and have 2-5 songs per category. Well, I got rid of them entirely. Somehow. They are now individually ranked. As I stated before, I have a feeling that this list will shift around quite a bit, and will never have a true ending in any form. With a new album coming out sometime, as I talked about in my previous post, the list will need a large shakeup at that point. I am soooo pumped for that album, you have little idea (I've tried to stop using the phrase 'no idea' since it is rarely true, so you'll have to deal with that for now).
I'm looking at the list right now and I can already see things that I want to shift around.
As you may notice, (if you noticed, you might have just forgotten the existence of the album (even if I mentioned it recently) no No Phun Intended songs are on the list. I find the songs incredibly difficult to rank for some weird reason, so I left them off the list.

Ok, now time to talk about random things about where I ranked certain things, since I do that with all the other lists:

Trees is the top. Migraine is next. Doubt is weirdly third? I love that song a lot, but it probably should go down. Ode to Sleep was in my category 4 in my previous rankings (the lowest one, with each song in there having a specific reason to be in there), but has now jumped to spot #7.
Every time I look at Addict with a Pen I feel like it should go up, but then I look at its competition, and I don't know what to do.
Car Radio needs to go up. Badly. I'll do it later.
Let's look at the bottom:
House of Gold is at the bottom, even though it's a beautiful song. My reasoning: It just reminds me of a very specific terrible music video I made. It was so bad.
Love Stressed Out. Which is one thing I should point out. I love all these songs. The ones at the bottom aren't because I dislike them, it's just that all the other songs above it I love even more. Anyway, I was terrible at explaining my feelings for this song last time, so hopefully I'll do a better time this time. The idea is, if I/someone/a fan/a big fan hears someone listening to Stressed Out the first instinct to have is to think they aren't a big fan, and that they just know their most popular songs. (Not that there is anything wrong with someone only listening to only their most popular songs (you know, other than the fact that they're missing out on some great stuff), have to clarify that). So basically, I don't want someone misjudging me and automatically assuming I only know their most popular stuff. Because I know a LOT more. Hope that cleared up that message without seeming dumb. Ask me in person if you have any questions about it.
Granted, then the question is why aren't the other two most popular songs (Ride, and Heathens) down there? And I honestly have no idea. Should really change something about something about that. I mean, I do prefer Stressed Out over Ride, right? Idk.
Oh, yeah the other thing you might have noticed, yet I naturally assume you didn't:
I didn't split up the RAB and Vessel version of songs. They're often so similar (in basically every case except Lovely and Trees) that I felt there would be no use in putting them. Is the Vessel version of Ode to Sleep better than Friend, Please, but suddenly the RAB version of Ode to Sleep is worse? I have little idea. It would be difficult to distinguish between those things, so I just left it as a collective mass.
Ummmm.... what else?
Haven't added Lovely yet for no apparent reason. Not adding their covers or nonofficial stuff (ex. Coconut Sharks in the Water). I'm trying to say "songs by twenty one pilots" to avoid this weird apostrophe thing were I don't know whether it's "pilots's" or "pilots'".

Just a refresh on how I rank the albums, even though I mentioned it in the previous post: 1. Regional at Best 2. Vessel 3. Blurryface 4. Self-Titled

Side Note Thingy: Took a "step back" and looked at how good Vessel is, so now I'm going to do the same with Regional at Best. Because, with Vessel being so good, it seems difficult to have an album above it. But Regional at Best is also just that good. Seriously, it has Guns for Hands, Holding on to You, Ode to Sleep, Car Radio, Kitchen Sink, Anathema, Forest, and Glowing Eyes?! I hold all those songs in basically the highest regard. Be Concerned, Clear, Slowtown, and Ruby are also very solid. Trees is still good, even with it's weirdness. Lovely is the same way.
Even with slightly weaker forms of Guns for Hands, Holding on to You, Ode to Sleep, Car Radio, and (more than slightly weaker form of) Trees; Kitchen Sink, Anathema, Forest, and Glowing Eyes make up for that. Plus Ruby and Slowtown are probably 'more solid' than The Run and Go, Semi-Automatic, and Screen. Be Concerned and Clear are probably on par with those three (except maybe Semi-Automatic, I don't know. I suppose I could just look at my rankings, but whatev.)

That's about it, I guess. Listening to more Imagine Dragons as you could probably tell by the post a little while ago. Bastille is pretty good too.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Kind of Lucid dream and three other things (I remember them this time)

Sorry to bother you with more music stuff, and don't worry, you'll get more of it next week. Hope you don't get sick of it. You should only have to hold on one more week, and then you'll have a nice break from it. I'm putting the 'three other things' first with the lucid dream thing after to give you something other than music between.

1. This is more of what I think the new logo will be. In this one, the blue is actually in the position I think it will be. The only difference will be that the white lines and circle will be black. (and obviously the background won't be trees and whatever. It will just by the symbol part)
2. Half Alive (don't know how to put a dot in the middle) is really good. They only have three songs out right now, so go check them out. They remind one of twenty one pilots, which is a good thing (obviously). Some people are concerned the Clique (The Clique is what super twenty one pilots fans call themselves (I lowkey call myself a Clique member (in fact, I know I know enough to be fully considered one), but sometimes I don't want to be associated with them)) will backlash due to their similarities between Half Alive and twenty one pilots (there are many similarities, not just in the music style), but overall the response from the Clique seems good, which is good. (They would, allegedly, get backlash because it would seem like they are just trying to copy twenty one pilots. Thought I would clear that up in case you were confused)

3. I recently "took a step back", so to speak, and I've realized how good of an album Vessel is. Seriously, it has Ode to Sleep, Trees, Migraine, Fake You Out, Guns for Hands, Car Radio, and Holding on to You?! I hold all those songs in basically the highest regard. Semi-Automatic, Screen, The Run and Go are also very solid. House of Gold is beautiful (even though... meh, I'll explain next post), and Truce is spot on. The album is just really, really good. 

So, the thing that was supposed to be the main topic of my post before the three things took more space than I thought they would, was about a dream I had recently. It was weird because during the dream in several occasions myself mentioned how he was in a dream. Yet, consciously, I didn't know. I had no control over my actions, and me, myself, didn't realize it was a dream until I woke up. Yet the character the quote on quote portrayed me knew he was in a dream. It was as if he ('I' could also be used here, but, as I mentioned, I didn't have any form of control over this character. Therefore, I'm going to act as if he is a different person than I even if he acted and looked like I did) was breaking the fourth wall.

For example, at one point he noticed how one of my friends was much shorter than he actually was in real life. He thought/said out loud how he should tell that person in real life that he is portrayed as decently short in my dreams. Then, for a second, I guess he forgot he was in a dream because he turned to the friend and was about to tell him that he was short(er) in dreams than in real life. He stopped himself before he said anything, and reminded himself that he was in a dream.
Later, he saw one of my (and I guess his, since we are technically the same person) old teachers. He's like "Hey! I know you!", you know, that sorta thing. Then he's like, "Wait, why am I talking to you, I'm in a dream."

I don't know, it was weird. Especially since, even though the character that is me seemed to know that he was in a dream, I had no knowledge of it, and no control over what was happening whatsoever.

Excited to be more consistent about these blog posts! Have a lot of ideas, and a lot of time that I want to do something that makes me feel productive. Only a six day space? Not even a full week? I know, crazy.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Album Theories and two other things

Ok, so, according to rumor twenty one pilots has something happening tomorrow. Originally it was going to be a new album, but a new album would have had pre-orders etc., so it won't be that (unless they randomly drop it, in which case... craziness will ensue). Some people think it's going to be a single or something idk. Anyway, I'm writing and posting this today that way whatever happens tomorrow won't mess up this post (for example if the new album were announced with info (which is actually what I think it will be, if it's anything at all). This way, my predictions/talk won't be useless since the info hasn't come out yet (if that makes any sense).
So, the other rumor that has been going around is that the new album by twenty one pilots is going to called "Echo" or "Echoes". Something to that effect.
With this rumor and other random info and hints as our basis, we can start making speculations. I don't take full credit for any of these ideas. Some of them are slightly different than other peoples, but overall they come from other people's ideas.
1. The main color will be blue (instead of red, like in the Blurryface)
2. The album will focus on the defeat of Blurryface (although the theory that it will deal with Josh's quote on quote "Blurryface" is intriguing (I definitely don't think it's going to be that though))
3. Some lyrics will talk about their new found fame, and how it has affected them
4. Josh Dun will have more backing vocals (he's only had like 2 or 3, I think that this new album will double or triple that number). I do not think he will have any direct singing or be a lead singer for any of the songs (even though that would be super crazy awesome). If he does it will be for 2 songs max. (Granted, if the album is about Josh's "Blurryface" (which, I'll state again, I definitely do not think it will be) it would make a lot of sense for him to do a lot of direct singing)
5. The new symbol will be the white/blue version of this gif. However, I don't think the blue will be the slanted line. I think it will be the straight line with the slanted line black instead (I think that makes sense).
Image result for twenty one pilots blue symbol

6. There will be at least 1 No Phun Intended song remake. As mentioned in other places, one will most likely be Whisper. I'm predicting between 2-3 remakes.
These remakes are going to do crazy things to song analysis as they will have different meanings depending on which album you take them from. Other remakes have the same meaning as their originally, but now, since it would deal with the defeat of Blurryface, it would put the lyrics in a different light.
7. One or two Regional at Best remakes? I don't actually think this is going to happen, I'm just putting it here because it would be cool.
8. "Echoes" will be an overall solid album that will be many people's favorite album by twenty one pilots. However, for me, it will be slightly behind Vessel (Suppose I should tell you how I ranked all the albums: 1. Regional at Best 2. Vessel 3. Blurryface 4. Self-Titled). Slightly behind Vessel, it will be close, but the difference will exist.
9. Doesn't quite apply to "Echoes", but close enough: The album that will be after "Echoes" is going to be, like, the best album ever created. For realz, it will be just that good. I'm probably getting my self too hyped over an album that is 4-5 years away, but I have strong suspensions that it will live up to the hype I'm creating.
10. The album that will be after "Echoes" will go back to the original logo (but perhaps with the thin lines we see in the above logo? Idk, it's too far away to think more about it):

11. Predicting semi-random thing that just feels right: There will be exactly 13 songs.
12. "Echoes" will not be a character, at least not in the same vein as Blurryface was. I think it will be a force of some form. It will be ok/proper to ask "What/who is/are the Echoes?". Which is different than Blurryface, since the proper question there is "Who is Blurryface?", and never "What is Blurryface?" or "What is a Blurryface?" (seriously, never do that).
13. The "Echoes" will have part to deal with the support Tyler gets, and perhaps has something to deal with the fans (specifically the fans singing back to him (making "Echoes" make kinda sense))
14. The album will show traces of Blurryface. In some way show that he is always there, never truly defeated, but that doesn't mean all is lost etc.

Yep, those are my album theories/predictions. On to the 'two other things'.
1. I forget what my first thing was.
2. If you could do me a favor, look up Snake Pass for the Nintendo Switch, and report back to me if you think it's worth getting. E-mail or otherwise. It would be really nice.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Night Visions

Ok, I just want every one to realize that Night Visions (deluxe or other) is one of the best modern albums ever. Just so every one is aware. (I'll talk about twenty one pilots later. So don't go around thinking I'm converted)

Monday, May 22, 2017

Yeah, boiiiiiiii

Now why am I writing this instead of playing more Breath of the Wild? Cause, you know, Finals week and stuff, but, man, I really want to play some more.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Humble Bundle, Things Galore

I haven’t posted in awhile. I have had tons of stuff (still do, for that matter).
Did my AP exam for psychology. Feel as though I did pretty well. I’m pretty sure I got a 4 or a 5, just not sure which one. AP exam for English is coming up on Wednesday next week. The Reading End of Course Exam and the Writing EOC exam are the two days before it, so I’m going to have a lot of English next week.
Rough Draft of our paper in AP English is due next Thursday.
Still have yet to Conference with Mr. Nelson for our paper that was supposed to be due at the end of last quarter. I’m not sure if he’s forgotten about me or what, so I’m going to go talk to him sometime in the very near future.
Have an annoying H. Chem project for a Final instead of a normal final.
AP psych feels over since we’ve taken the AP exam, but we still actually have stuff to do.

Anyway, in more exciting news, got the Brandon Sanderson Humble Bundle thingy. Payed/Donated/Whatever you want to call it $15.01. Only one cent over the minimum to get all the things, cause I’m a poor High School student that is going to get a Switch sometime.
I finished White Sand pretty quickly. It was decent.
I’m trying to get the Graphic Audio things onto my phone, so I can listen to it easier, but am having very little success.

Track is basically over. Tomorrow is the last ‘official’ practice that I actually have to go to. Still debating on whether I’m going to go next week. Not going on Monday due to Tennis practice, but might go the other days.

School is wrapping up. Not sure what I’m going to do with my life when it is over. Probably going to hang out with friends this summer than I have any other.
Need to do good on my English Final to keep my semester grade at an ‘A’, but due to some lame people, we’re not doing an official final, instead it’s just a vocab test and a paper. Last time I got an 89% on the final, so it would have been nice just to have a normal one, but we’ll see how I do on this paper. I really don’t like it. Scared I might get a ‘B’ in the class. It would be the first ‘B’ for a class I would have ever received. I’ve only ever gotten ‘A’s, so this is a little weird.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Newest Board Game list

Finally getting around to this blogpost, should have done this awhile ago. Writing this in A.P. English. Currently, we’re supposed to be ‘being productive’ with the obvious choice being to read our book assignment. I consider this being decently productive, so I don’t really feel guilty. (forgot to post it until today, however)

Anyway, talking about random parts of the list. Caverna came up as #1, which was interesting. I didn’t expect it to be that when I started playing it, but it is reeeeaaaalllly gooood. I still have yet to play with more than two players, but it is still this good. I really want to play with more, though, so I know what it’s like.

Seafall was fantastic. It didn’t automatically jump to number one like Pandemic: Legacy did when we finished that for a couple reasons. The main being the rules were confusing. We had so many misunderstandings. Ripping up cards we shouldn’t have (and then later realizing that we were actually correct in ripping it up in the first place), enmity being kinda confusing etc.

I added Codenames: Pictures because we are currently in position of it (and still kept Kingsburg up even though we’re not).

7 Wonders: Duel continues to drop for no apparent reason.

Ashes still holds a strong position even though I rarely play it. The community and meta and such keep me engaged, however. New expansions have been (kind of) revealed with previews starting up sometime.

Hearthstone is pretty high up there. I don’t play it as much as I want, but I do watch a lot of it on youtube, soooo…

Fresco, I feel, could be up with Alhambra and them, but with no real group to play it with (I should try and get the Jamiesons to play it sometime) and not liking the two player variant that much leaves it in an unfortunate position.

Almost forgot to mention Viticulture, which barely missed the position for number 1. My first impressions of all the games told me that it would, eventually, reign king, but Caverna stepped in as being super crazy awesome.

The past few times I’ve forgotten to add pictures of how much ripped up stuff Seafall and Pandemic: Legacy created, but here they are for your viewing pleasure:
 Except for the fact that I can't seem to find the Pandemic stuff. Eric, if you happen to know where it is, or have it, send it to me please.

Anyway, this blog post took a shorter amount of time to write than expected.
Changing the list so it goes by 5s instead of 1s to make it easier to update it.